Hello, friends.

Okay, I don’t really know if you’re adversaries or allies, but am going to assume you have the best of intentions.

Those who know me, don’t need an autobiography. Those who don’t, well, I prefer to keep an element of mystery. As I get to know you, I’ll open up more. I like synergistic energy, and universal balance. Yin martini with yang olive. Aura bread and chakra butter.

I’ll paint some broad strokes. I’m of the female persuasion. Tall, blonde, curvy. Some say hot, others thick. It depends if I’m retaining water. (Or donuts.) People are often surprised when they learn I have more than half a brain. (Apparently, perceived IQ is directly proportional to rack size.) The upside is I’m already much smarter than people assumed me to be—boom, expectations exceeded.

I am tech-savvy, highly competitive (game seshes get crazy), and have an innate desire to be liked. I’ve also come to learn there’s no such thing as universal appeal, which has been greatly freeing.

My biggest passion is being creative… whether that’s stringing words together, or manipulating shapes and colors. These artistic endeavors are usually fueled by coffee and 80’s music—both on repeat.

Why Platinum Pink? It both describes and pleases me. Platinum is a precious commodity. It is strong, valuable, and useful. It acts as a catalyst. It is also an expression for pale blonde hair. Pink is synonymous with passion, playfulness, and girlishness. It’s indicative of positivity (in the pink, tickled pink), and it happens to be my favorite color.

Here’s wishing life gives you everything you deserve. (That should cover heroes and villains alike 😊).

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll visit again.

Peace & Positivity,

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