It’s face-off time.

pink yellow thin line

But I’m not talking about hockey. This is about my big reveal. I’m removing the cloak and mask, coming out of hiding, pulling back the Prada curtain. Admitting my true identity! I’m ready to step into the light, fully aware I risk highlighting any wrinkles by doing so.

Most of my readers are friends (aka family), so you already know who this is.
For those who don’t (aka strangers) ….

Platinum Pink is Janette Burhans!!!

I realize that means nothing if you don’t already know me. I’m not a world-renowned blogger, and that’s A-Ok with me. The constant spotlight would be a living hell… always being under the microscope; your every move, mistake, and moronic moment picked apart by the masses and captured for eternity in print or photographs. Too fat, too thin, too old, too plastic, too opinionated, too aloof. It’s seemingly impossible for even the most perfect of human specimens not to be condemned for something they are (or are not). Fortune I’d take. Fame―no thanks.

Sidebar: What are the positives of being famous, anyway? Tons of freebies? Who cares — you’re swimming in benjamins, you don’t need handouts. VIP treatment? Nice, but how enjoyable are those front row seats and backstage passes when you’re knee-deep in bodyguards? Countless friends? Iffy. It would be really hard to know who likes you for you, and who just wants to ride your coattails or raid your wallet. Maybe it’s the adoring fans. Celebs have huge egos that must be constantly fed. With a diet of mostly coffee and Oxycontin, they need something for fuel. :) Nameless, faceless worshipers seem the most obvious choice. If you ask me, those are empty calories; I need something more substantial to satisfy. Life is trying enough without having to question the motives of your inner circle.

It’s 2011―Do you know where your friends are? I’ve discovered mine in assorted and sundry places. Some are where I last left them, in familiar locations, ready and willing to pick up wherever we left off. Others were discovered, quite unexpectedly, among the vast recesses and resources of the internet. Others still I’ve yet to find; we are currently unknown to each other, but with the advent of international social networking and cyber-space cafes, it’s only a matter of time until we bump into each other.

If love is blind, friendship is power goggles. It’s seeing everything with perfect clarity, and still enjoying the view. An old song I learned as a child advocated friendships old and new, stating one as silver and the other gold. Both precious metals. Antique and modern. Fully matured and freshly minted. Those who know all of your warts and weaknesses and still think you’re strong and beautiful; and those who don’t even know about the zit that erupts monthly, let alone your accompanying impression of Haggar the Horrible. Those who not only encourage your stupid ideas but actually engage in them; and those who have not yet been treated to your idiocy but someday hope to.

A friend can be someone you rarely talk to, or someone you see several times a day. Completely platonic, or deeply intimate. It doesn’t matter what distance lies between you, because you are in each others hearts. That is the true essence of friendship: People who care about each other, support each other, defend each other, and ground each other. An enhancement, not a validation. Solidarity not dominion. There is no tangible limit to the number of these bonds one can have, so go ahead and be greedy. Or be picky. But be available; a friend can’t find you unless you are visible.

pink yellow thin line

You can never have too many friends, but all you really need is one good one. One who will take your deepest secrets to the grave. One who will tell you you’re ass doesn’t look fat in those jeans when you need to be consoled, not confronted. One who will tell you the other pair looks better when you need honesty, not flattery. One who laughs at your lame jokes, and forgives your personal transgressions. One who gives you space, but also fills it.

Friendships and people can change, and if you’re lucky, a certain few will change you. ~ Unknown

pink yellow thin line

A big thank you to the many people in my life who have provided me with peace, pleasure, and positivity.
I dedicate this post to my perfect trifecta: LB, LR, & GH.
Three musketeers who’ve made my life a heightened adventure, and a transcended reality.
Honorable mention to MK, HB, & YC. I treasure your generosity, understanding, kindness, and love. xo xo xo

Impassioned by the pen,
Platinum Pink

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  1. Gail Wolf

    So beautifully written and heartfelt. You were very blessed. ❤

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